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Come explore my website featuring a new bandaging system for small animal wounds.  I developed this product when my Chocolate Labrador  ``Sam`` was severely injured in a truck accident.  I needed to protect her wounds over a four month period, through three operations.  I created the Wrap N Heal Body Wrap for Sam.  It is washable, inexpensive, durable, and easy to use.  Over the past two years, pet owners and veterinarians in Canada have used these body wraps with dogs, cats, and calves.  I now have body wraps, paw wraps, neck wraps, leg wraps, and hoodies available for you to use with your pets.


 Consider Wrap N Heal Products As An Alternative To Traditional  Bandaging Systems For Pet Wounds

We sell standard size animal wraps.

We do not do bulk orders, this is a custom service, open to everyone involved with wound management in pets.

We can custom-size wraps for your pet.


Payment and delivery are arranged through e-mail with your order.  Contact us at





***Patents Pending in Canada and the United States


Katie wearing a front leg wrap.



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